Past and present TTF directors and staff at the launch of The story of Tomorrow Today Foundation in April 2015.

Vision and Purpose

Vision: A generous community, able to deliver a stronger tomorrow by challenging itself today.

Purpose: To enable the people of Benalla district to create a stronger, more resilient and prosperous rural community.

Tomorrow Today Foundation’s community philanthropy involves local people making a difference through the well-structured and focused giving of time, money and skills. We take a number of different approaches to realising our vision and purpose, which include improving the retention of children in education and building a Community Fund.

Community Fund

Our Community Fund is growing steadily. Money donated stays in the Fund permanently to generate income that, in turn, provide grants for Benalla and District projects.

The Community Fund capital reached $1 million in June 2016.

Since 2003, 59 different local groups and organisations have benefitted from over 120 grants totalling $275,000, which came largely from income generated by the Community Fund.

Education Increasing Opportunities

Our major project is the Education Benalla Program. It begins with free groups for parents with babies and children up to school age. It then continues as children move through primary school, secondary school and onto tertiary study and careers.

The life chances and choices, that the program gives to young people, also bring life-long benefits to their familiesĀ and the whole Benalla area.

Since 2010, the Program has attracted a significant amount of philanthropic funding from outside Benalla, as well as money from local businesses and residents.

In 2013 the Education Benalla Program was named one of the Top 50 Australian Philanthropic Gifts of all time.