Building Bridges

It is important for community foundations to act as bridge builders: linking groups and sectors that may not usually work together.

Tomorrow Today takes that role very seriously. Our staff and directors are always looking for new opportunities to work with others for the overall benefit of our community.

Collective Impact

The Education Benalla Program is a great example of our whole-of-community approach.

The program actively collaborates with public and private agencies, community groups and businesses to work on shared objectives. The collective impact for Benalla is much greater than the impact achieved by individual organisations working in isolation.

More than 140 Collaborators

Our major Education Benalla Program partners include the Department of Education and Training, Benalla Health, Benalla Rural City Council, NE Tracks LLEN, Benalla P-12 College, FCJ College and St Joseph’s Primary School.

We are working in partnership with over 140 local agencies, groups and organisations, ranging from recreational clubs to small and large businesses.