The Tomorrow Today Foundation has launched an appeal to raise $250,000 in local support to buy Cecily Court in Nunn Street where it is currently based.

Tomorrow Today Chair, Sally Gamble said the opportunity to buy the property came thanks to the support of two philanthropic organisations and would be a significant milestone, moving the foundation closer to financial sustainability.

“Tomorrow Today’s aim is to bring people together to achieve a stronger tomorrow for Benalla through our combined actions today.   Owning our own property will free us up to focus more on the work we do to benefit Benalla and less on seeking funding. It gives us a permanent base for programs that operate from Cecily Court, such as Parents Early Education Partnership (PEEP), and gives us income from renting the other offices in the Court,” Ms Gamble said.

“We know it’s a lot of money to raise in a small community and we have been buoyed by early commitments with just over $100,000 already pledged.

“Our Community Grants and our partnership programs such as PEEP, Reading Buddies, Connect9 mentoring, Hands on Learning and Come and Try sport and recreation initiative, touch the lives of many Benalla children and their families and are bringing about positive change for individuals and our community.

“If, as a resident of the town or district, you know someone who has benefited from a Tomorrow Today initiative, you might like to contribute to the purchase so that others can benefit too.  This is a transformational opportunity to secure the Foundation’s future for ongoing community gain” she said.

Since it launched in 2002, Tomorrow Today has:

  • worked with hundreds of volunteers and partner organisations to provide programs focused on improving the educational outcomes of Benalla’s children and young people
  • distributed more than $220,000 in Community Grants to support local projects and
  • distributed more than $300,000 of financial assistance directly to families in need of help for their children’s education.

Personal donations to the appeal are tax deductible and can be made by going to Donate Now.

To discuss ways you, or your organisation, might contribute through fundraising, please contact Sally Gamble on 0428 755 138.

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