Benalla students are not dropping off the edge

By August 18, 2015March 2nd, 2016Education Benalla Program, News

The recently released Dropping Off the Edge Report, which has again found that Benalla is one of the most disadvantaged towns in Victoria, reaffirms the importance of whole-of-community initiatives like our Education Benalla Program.

‘Tomorrow Today Foundation’s Education Benalla Program was introduced after the 2007 Dropping Off the Edge Report highlighted disadvantage in Benalla,’ says Tomorrow Today Director, Liz Chapman,.  ‘Now, eight years later, Education Benalla is making inroads in ways recommended by this year’s Report.’

The Report says that community programs, which strengthen the local community and focus on solving core problems, are vitally important in tackling entrenched disadvantage, as are community groups that focus on local issues.

The Education Benalla Program is the sum of a number of projects and activities that connect with children and teenagers at critical points as they grow from cradle to career, along with their families.

The Program gives young people more life chances and choices that, in turn, flow into life-long benefits for their families and the whole Benalla area.

Tomorrow Today Foundation is run by local people for local people. It works with many organisations throughout Benalla and District to achieve positive long-term change.