In May, Benalla’s community foundation, Tomorrow Today, appointed local pharmacist Marsha Watson to their board of directors. Marsha shares the organisation’s vision of a brighter future for our community.

We ask Marsha a few questions about her new role.

Q: What do you love about Benalla, Marsha?
Well, that’s a funny story, actually! I grew up in Mansfield, and as a little girl, I didn’t like Benalla at all – because the only reason we came to Benalla was to go to the dentist! But I ended up here to take up a partnership in the pharmacy. It’s a good lifestyle – the golf course is great, its close enough to go to Melbourne for a day at the footy, but it’s a nice, country town. You drive in across the lake, and people must think, ‘wow, what a beautiful place’!

Q: And why did you join Tomorrow Today?
What I really liked about it is that the funds that are being raised are being used for local people. You can raise money and give to charities elsewhere, or overseas, and that is worthwhile, but I like to see our work creating change for locals – it’s a community looking after its own.

Q: What do you see as the biggest challenge for Benalla?
It’s really unfortunate that there are different opportunities for people here, and often that depends on the situation they are born into. That’s what I like about what Tomorrow Today is doing – they are creating more equality, so that young people who might not have had opportunities can access those opportunities.

Q: What’s your take on community giving?
Most people in Benalla are very generous. I’d like people to know that they can give some money locally, and it will make a real and lasting difference in our community.