TTF Executive Officer Pat Claridge (left) and Student Wellbeing Coordinator Cathy Hair (right) receiving funding towards our Connect 9 program from AusNet Services Work Administrator Lee Walter.

Tomorrow Today Foundation’s (TTF) Connect 9 program is a grateful beneficiary of $500 in funding from AusNet Services ‘Community Cornerstone’ employee recognition program.

Connect 9 is a 10 week student wellbeing program in Benalla that connects local Year 9 students with adult mentors to assist them to set life and career goals as well as discover new sports, hobbies and professional connections.

AusNet Services Work Administrator, Lee Walter received the $500 Community Cornerstone grant to present to Connect 9 in recognition of volunteering at least 20 hours of her personal time to a not-for-profit-organisation.

Mrs Walter presented the grant to Tomorrow Today’s Executive Officer Pat Claridge and Student Wellbeing Coordinator Cathy Hair on the 4th of May.

AusNet Services’ Design Engineer, Noel Baumgarten is another Benalla resident who also volunteers for Connect 9.

Ms Hair said Connect9 heavily relies on volunteers such as Mrs Walter and Mr Baumgarten to support Benalla’s young people to make informed decisions about setting life and career goals.

“It is especially pleasing when volunteers help us to obtain much needed funding,” said Ms Hair.

“This grant will enable mentors to show and educate our young people about what facilities are available to them in our town and enjoy a movie together at BPACC,” she added.

AusNet Services commits $100,000 annually to community and education related sponsorships and donations. During the last round of Community Cornerstone, 32 AusNet Services’ employees received $500 grants to present to their chosen not-for-profit organisation. Benalla and District Junior Football League was another local grant recipient from the last round.

To find out more about becoming a Connect9 mentor, contact Cathy Hair at Tomorrow Today on 5762 1211.