Projects supported in 2020

Benalla & District Pre-School Partnership – Stem Equipment

Priority area – Ensuring all children start school ready to learn; Improving literacy and numeracy.

Bernard Briggs Kindergarten recognises that the rapidly changing and increasingly complex nature of modern technology means that children need to be both innovative and adaptable. It is well recognised that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education in early childhood sets children up for the careers of the future, encouraging experimentation, innovation and teamwork, and building resilience, creativity and communication skills. Tomorrow Today’s grant was used to purchase STEM ‘learn through play’ equipment for the kindergarten’s children.

Benalla Flexible Learning Centre – Equine Therapy Groups

Priority area – Improving student wellbeing; Building student aspiration.

Benalla Flexible Learning Centre works with young people who have previously disengaged from school, to help them reengage with their education in a flexible and supported learning environment. There is often a need to build the trust, skills and self-confidence of students before they are able to resume their learning journey. This grants from Tomorrow Today is funding fees and transport for ten students to attend The Wellbeing Paddock, an equine-assisted program based in Mansfield. Working with horses has been shown to help build confidence, improve mental and physical health, and develop practical and social skills. The program focuses on reducing stress and increasing the ability of students to cope with the challenges they face in everyday life.

Benalla Library – Purchase of robotics equipment

Priority area – Improving student knowledge of careers and career pathways; Building student aspiration.

At school, girls do as well – or even better than – boys in maths and science subjects. However, women make up only 25% of the workforce in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) industries. Benalla Library is working to raise the aspirations of girls in the Benalla community to pursue careers in these fields. Tomorrow Today’s grant funded the purchase of robotics equipment to use in workshops for girls aged 11 to 16. The equipment will enable girls in Benalla to work hands-on with robotics and technology. In conjunction with this hands-on experience, the workshops offer inofrmation and resources that shine the spotlight on women working in STEM fields and the pathways to those careers.

Benalla P-12 College – Interview to Impress – Stepping Stones Grant

Priority area – Improving student knowledge of careers and career pathways; Building student aspiration.

Interview2Impress is a half-day program designed to equip students with the practical skills needed to engage in employment options beyond school. This grant covered the travel costs for 18 Year 10 students to attend KPMG in Melbourne to experience realistic interview scenarios in a corporate environment. The sessions, coordinated by the Australian Business and Community Network, allowed students to practice the theory they learn at school. Students also gain valuable job interview experience with mentors, who provide feedback and advice based on their own professional experiences.

Benalla P-12 College – Victorian School Music Festival Performance – Stepping Stones Grant

Priority area – Promoting inclusion and increasing involvement in the community; Increasing student wellbeing; Building student aspiration.

Benalla P-12 College’s music program offers students the opportunity of a rich musical education. This grant assisted in meeting transport and participation costs to enable all music students to attend the Victorian School Music Festival Performance. Students performed at the Hawthorn Arts Centre, one of Victoria’s premier performing spaces. Feedback on their performance from a highly skilled adjudicator, by students from all over Victoria, proved highly valuable in developing skills, resilience and creative collaboration.

FCJ College – Let’s Find Our Voice

Priority area – Improving student wellbeing; Promoting inclusion and increasing involvement in community.

This very successful project brings together the young and the elderly in our community through storytelling and song. Selected FCJ College Year 10 students meet with residents from Cooinda Aged Care Home, to learn about their lives and write their storied. As well as improving their literacy and communication skills, the students discover the talents, successes, strength and resilience of these senior Benalla citizens, developing close bonds and cultivating kindness.

In addition, Year 7 students join with Cooinda residents to prepare a musical concert, meeting together regularly to learn and practice songs and plan for the event. The program fosters community connection and has significant health and psychological benefits for both young and old. Funding is used to provide student transport, venue hire and a video to record the event.

Global Sisters – Sister Tribe Education Meet-ups

Priority area – Addressing social disadvantage; Promoting inclusion and increasing involvement in the community; Embracing community diversity.

Global Sisters supports women to become financially independent through business. The charity works to improve the economic situation of women by preventing and breaking the cycle of family-based poverty. Their education meet-ups support single mothers and women over 50 to develop the skills, connections and the experience needed to turn potential business ideas into profitable businesses. In Benalla, Global Sisters’ monthly face-to-face meet-ups, and their brainstorming workshops to help flesh out ‘My Big Ideas’, take place at Tomorrow Today’s meeting room in Nunn Street – a quiet and safe space. This grant of in-kind support includes free room hire and the provision of childcare by our Early Years staff.

North East Artisans – Volunteer Administration and Training – Stepping Stones Grant

Priority areas – Promoting inclusion and increasing involvement in community.

North East Artisans (NEA) is an inclusive Benalla-based arts organisation committed to creating a thriving local arts community in North East Victoria. Operating under a cooperative model, it provides a support network for local creatives and showcases local work in its gallery shop. This grant assisted in the purchase of a custom-built computer system to meet the current and future needs of NEA. Volunteers are trained to use the new system, developing skills in administration, marketing and sales.

Ride Avenue Pre-School – Jolly Leaners

Priority areas – Ensuring all children start school ready to learn; Improving literacy and numeracy.

The Ride Avenue Pre-School curriculum is designed to lay the foundations for ongoing learning. This grant allowed them to purchase a number of additional learning and developmental aids that promote pre-literacy, literacy and numeracy, and contribute to more inclusive practices for children with additional needs. It also funded building materials, specialist equipment and plants for a sensory garden, to provide a calm, safe, and engaging area for pre-schoolers and their families.

Projects supported in 2019

Benalla & District Pre-School Partnership – Kitchen and garden makeover

Priority area – All Benalla children start school ready to learn.

The kitchen at the Munro Avenue kindergarten site was badly in need of a makeover. This grant will fund a new oven, benchtops and sink so that children can prepare and cook their own food. Joint funding from Benalla Rural City will allow the creation of a kitchen garden so that the children can grow their own fruit and vegetables and use them in meal preparation.

Benalla Flexible Learning Centre – Young Parents can achieve

Priority area – Increasing student wellbeing; Building student aspiration.

Benalla Flexible Learning Centre aims to re-engage young people in education so that they can transition back to mainstream schooling or move on to further education or employment. Young people, still of school-age, who are parents or parents to be, often disengage from school due to the difficulty of juggling childcare responsibilities with school and study requirements. In 2019 Tomorrow Today is partnering the Flexible Learning Centre in providing a PEEP program for young parents. The grant will support the safety and wellbeing of infants attending school with their parents by funding the purchase of car seats and capsules to assist with transport, and setting up a safe play area in the classroom equipped with change table, high chair and porta cot.

Benalla Flexible Learning Centre – Tiny House Project

Priority area – Improving student knowledge of careers and career pathways.

Some larger projects take more than the standard grant period of twelve months for completion. This is one such project. In May 2018, Tomorrow Today awarded a $5,000 grant to Benalla Flexible Learning Centre so that students could convert a shipping container into a ‘tiny house’. In a remarkable gesture of generosity, a Tomorrow Today donor present at the awards ceremony offered to fund the purchase of the container so that all of the grant money could be spent on fittings and furnishings.

Under the guidance of their trade teacher, students at the Learning Centre have undertaken the conversion, gaining many competencies that will aid them in future employment. They have been involved in all stages – developing their talents in planning, design and construction, as well as improving their teamwork and organisational skills. The tiny house is nearing completion and has contributed to the employability of a number of previously disengaged young people.

Benalla P-12 College – Interview to Impress – Stepping Stones Grant

Priority area – Building student aspiration; Improving student knowledge of careers and career pathways.

Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN) links business with education by organising structured activities where corporate volunteers mentor students in the workplace. In 2018, Tomorrow Today Board helped broker a meeting between ABCN and Benalla P-12 College. This led to 20 Benalla P-12 Year 10 students participating in ABCN’s Interview2Impress program.

Students travelled to Melbourne where they gained an understanding of job interview techniques and processes and experienced realistic interview scenarios with corporate mentors. Benalla P-12’s Careers Advisor, Kelly Cairncross rated the program as outstanding – relevant, engaging, fast paced and practical. A Stepping Stones grant helped fund the cost of the bus.

Benalla YMCA – 2019 Schools Water Safety Program

Priority area – Increase student wellbeing; Promoting inclusion and increasing involvement in community.

This intensive water safety program runs in addition to the swimming programs offered by most schools, and gives Year 5 and 6 students an additional level of knowledge about survival techniques in case of a water accident or emergency. Students wear clothing, utilise boats and life jackets and wade through water with unknown items beneath the surface. Funding will finance the purchase of life-jackets and a raft and covers pool entry costs to enable participation of all students regardless of an ability to pay.

Waminda Community House – Cafe Club

Priority area – Promoting inclusion and increasing involvement in community.

This grant ensures the continuation of a successful project funded by Tomorrow Today in 2018. Cafe Club takes place each Wednesday morning at the CWA Hall providing a safe, welcoming space where residents and newcomers to Benalla can interact socially. People from all walks of life meet for conversation and company whilst enjoying a delicious morning tea. Students from Benalla Flexible Learning Centre practice their barista skills, providing coffee, tea and hot chocolate for a gold coin donation. Students from Ed Space frequently call in with their ‘therapy dogs’ who draw a lot of affection and attention from the Cafe Club patrons. The grant funds the cost of the venue and catering.

Warrenbayne Community – Warrenbayne Playgroup

Priority areas – All Benalla children start school ready to learn; Promoting inclusion and increasing involvement in community.

Based at the much-loved Warrenbayne Recreation Reserve, this developmental playgroup aims to facilitate social connection and learning for young children and their families in the Warrenbayne district.

Through music, art, movement, and story-telling, children are supported to increase their language, literacy and motor skills. They practice teamwork, sharing, talking and listening, leading to an increased sense of belonging and self-confidence.

Parents, grandparents, community members and visiting specialists are made welcome, promoting social inclusion for young and old. The playgroup celebrates the involvement of young families as current stakeholders and future leaders of the Warrenbayne community.

Projects supported in 2018

Australian Christian College Hume – Let’s Count

Priority area – All Benalla children start school ready to learn.

Maths is an important tool that aids success in work and everyday life. This grant will help make maths fun for children and families by funding games and resources for ‘maths bags’. Children will take the bags home on a rotational basis so they can enjoy fun maths activities with their families. The kinder will also hold a ‘maths night’ where families will receive a maths ‘goody bag’ and participate in maths activities.

Benalla & District Preschool Partnership – Happy, Healthy, Outdoor kids

Priority area – All Benalla children start school ready to learn.

This funding will help purchase table settings and a ‘mud kitchen’ so that children can experience healthy outdoor play. The play experiences will promote interaction with their peers aiding children in the development of communication, imagination and social skills, and increasing school readiness. These activities will benefit approximately 80 children each year.

Benalla Flexible Learning Centre – Tiny House Project

Priority area – Improving student knowledge of careers and career pathways.

Benalla Flexible Learning Centre caters for young people aged 14 to 19 who have disengaged from mainstream schooling. Through converting a shipping container into a ‘tiny house’, students will gain skills that will benefit them in future employment. The project, coordinated by their trade teacher, will involve planning, design and construction skills, organisational skills and teamwork.

Broken River Potters Inc. – New Kiln Purchase

Priority area – Promoting inclusion and increasing involvement in the community.

The Broken River Potters provide facilities and free tuition to give local people the opportunity to learn and produce ceramic works, as well as kiln firing services for non-members. The group also provides low-cost activities for young people involved with Tomorrow Today and Waminda Community House youth programs. The grant will help replace their very old and damaged kiln.

Central Hume Primary Care Partnership – Benalla Proud & Deadly Awards 2018

Priority area – Improving student wellbeing, embracing community diversity, and promoting inclusion in our community.

There are approximately 100 Benalla students who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. The Proud and Deadly Awards will recognise and celebrate the aspirations, talents, and achievements of these local children and the contribution they make to their schools and community. The event will raise awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, help inspire positive educational outcomes and connect the families to services and opportunities available in Benalla.

FCJ College – Breakfast Club

Priority area – Improving student wellbeing.

This grant will help set up a breakfast club to provide a morning meal, for 30 to 40 students twice weekly. Eating a healthy breakfast assists students to concentrate in class and to more fully participate in class activities. Senior students will lead the project and mentor the younger students. Funding will help purchase toasters, sandwich makers, kettles, crockery and cutlery. The balance of funds will contribute to food costs.

Ride Avenue Preschool – Kitchen Garden Project

Priority area – All Benalla children start school ready to learn.

Four new wicking beds for growing vegetables and herbs will be constructed at the preschool to replace aged and deteriorating beds that were installed more than ten years ago. Children will learn how to grow their own food, increase their knowledge of nature and the environment and develop their ability to work together.

St Joseph’s Primary School – Nourish to Flourish Social Club

Priority area – Improving student wellbeing.

This weekly cooking and life skills class will help improve the wellbeing of students and keep them engaged with school. The program aims to develop students’ literacy, numeracy and social skills, and encourage them to make healthy life choices. Funding will assist the purchase of ingredients for the program.

Uniting Church Benalla – Benalla Community Garden

Priority area – Promoting inclusion and increasing involvement in the community.

This funding will help establish a community garden that is open to all Benalla residents. The garden will provide a welcoming space for people to come together to grow food, learn gardening techniques such as composting and seed propagation, share ideas and meet new people. The project will commence with five raised wicking beds to ensure access for people of all abilities.

Waminda Inc. – Café Club

Priority area – Promoting inclusion and increasing involvement in the community.

The idea for the Café Club came from a community survey conducted by Waminda Community House that identified a need for ‘get-to-know you’ events where people could meet others for conversation and company. The grant is funding a venue and catering so that people from all walks of life can meet others in a relaxed atmosphere and become more engaged in the local community. Café Club is currently hosting an Age Friendly Tutoring project at the CWA Hall. Volunteer tutors from Waminda and students from Ed Space are helping Benalla seniors understand and use the features available on their mobile phones and tablets. Students from Flexible Learning are honing their barista skills by providing coffee, tea and hot chocolate for a gold coin donation.

Projects supported in 2017

Australian Christian College Hume – Outdoor Sensory Garden and Play Space

This grant will help fund a sensory garden featuring rocks, stones and logs to improve children’s coordination, and aromatic and colourful plants to stimulate children’s senses. It will also provide a quiet place to read and listen to stories.

Benalla Flexible Learning Centre – Healthy Living Healthy Minds

Many students at Benalla Flexible Learning Centre do not have access to nutritious food and have poor lifestyles. They struggle to meet everyday requirements for health. The grant will contribute to the purchase of food so that students can prepare and eat healthy meals for breakfast and lunch.  It will help fund students to attend a gymnasium and yoga classes with a trained instructor.

Benalla Health/ St Vincent de Paul Society – Benalla Grow Your Own

This highly successful program aims to improve the food security of people experiencing financial disadvantage by growing their own fruit and vegetables. In 2016 Tomorrow Today provided funding towards the construction of individual wicking beds for families. This year the funding will help purchase seeds to enable participants in the project to continue gardening and growing their own produce. Students in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program at Benalla P-12 Waller campus will grow the seeds into seedlings.

Benalla P-12 College Avon Campus – Community Connections

This grant will help fund a community pizza oven in the school grounds. Students from the Hands On Learning program will assist with constructing the oven and seating.  When the oven is built the school will hold monthly pizza nights to help build positive connections between Avon campus teachers, parents and the local community. Pizzas will be prepared by the school using ingredients from the campus’s veggie garden. The school also hope to make the oven available for use by school and community members outside the monthly get-togethers.

Benalla P-12 College – Polish Program

The Polish Program is a one-day workshop for Year 9 students run for Benalla P-12 College by the Beacon Foundation. The day focuses on career and work related topics and allows students to ‘polish’ their presentation as they network with local employers.

Benalla Scout Group – Joey Mob Start Up Project

This project responds to a need identified at our 2016 ‘Come and Try’ day for more activities for children in the 5 to 7 age group. Benalla Scout group intends to establish a Joey Mob for this age group. The grant will help refurbish part of the Scout hall to act as a Joey Den, and pay for equipment such as sleeping bags and camp beds, craft supplies and sports and water safety equipment. It will also build club capacity by increasing membership.

Benalla YMCA Aquatic Centre – Schools Water Safety and Survival Program

Through the school swimming program, the YMCA has discovered that many Year 6 student are unable to swim 50 metres, jeopardising their personal safety. This grant will contribute to the running of a water safety and survival program for all Grade 5 and 6 students in Benalla to ensure they can survive around water.

Bernard Briggs Kindergarten – Maths Resources

In 2016 Bernard Briggs Preschool participated in the Let’s Count program which works with children and their parents to help them use and explore maths. Through the program, children receive a Magical Maths Bag containing fun resources that they can take home. The funding will help purchase some new and innovative resources for the take-home bags.

Cooinda Village/ FCJ College – Let’s Find Our Voice

This project connects young people with some of Benalla’s most senior citizens to chat, share stories and sing together. The program bridges the age gap, with both groups learning more about each other leading to a greater understanding of the differing generations.  The rich conversations and recording of the older people’s stories also help students to improve their literacy and communication skills. There are many psychological and health benefits for the elderly.

FCJ College – Mental Health Training

The teen Mental Health First Aid Course teaches students how to support friends who may be experiencing mental health problems. A $600 Stepping Stones grant helped fund workbooks for the program for all FCJ Year 10 students.

Greta Valley Playgroup – Playgroup Resources

This active little playgroup is based at the Greta Valley School in summer and at the Lurg Hall in winter.   The playgroup helps promote the development of children aged 0 to 5 through play and social interaction and provides a supportive network for parents. The grant will be used to purchase equipment to help develop children’s gross and fine motor skills, cognitive development and social skills.

North East Artisans – Broken River Writers Discovery Workshops. Priority Area – Community Connectedness; Youth Development

The Broken River Writers’ group caters for beginners through to experienced writers. This grant will pay travel costs for a variety of expert guest speakers to address the group to provide coaching, encouragement and inspiration.  Three of the workshops will specifically provide for children, teens and young adults.

Peranbin Primary College – Toiletries for Students

This project provided each student with their own set of toiletries including soap, face washer, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and comb to encourage them to take responsibility for their own hygiene and pride in their appearance.  The children were looking forward to taking their ‘personal care’ packs on their school camp.

Projects supported in 2016

Benalla Flexible Learning Centre – Healthy Body/ Healthy Minds

Benalla Flexible Learning Centre caters for young people who have disengaged from regular school.  Many of the students have complex needs and struggle to meet everyday requirements for health.

This grant enables the purchase of food so that students at the Centre can prepare and eat healthy meals for breakfast and lunch.  It will also fund students to attend a gymnasium to participate in exercise with a trained instructor to improve fitness and wellbeing.

Benalla Health – Benalla Grow Your Own

Building on a successful 2015 pilot, this project empowers disadvantaged people living in the Benalla community to improve their food security – growing their own fruit and vegetables using wicking beds.

The program assists families who have accessed emergency food relief from Benalla’s St Vincent de Paul in the past six months.  Garden coaches teach children in the family how to care for the beds, when to harvest and how to prepare the vegetables in tasty and nutritious snacks and meals.

Benalla P-12 College/ FCJ College joint project – Mental Health Week Forum

Poor youth mental health continues to be a significant issue in Benalla. The Benalla Youth Service Providers Network will coordinate a one day event for all 15-16 years olds from across Benalla.  Expert speakers, performances and creative workshops will all contribute to increasing knowledge of local mental health supports for youth, de-stigmatising mental health issues and promoting good mental health.

Benalla P-12 College – Polish Program

The Polish Program is a one day workshop for Year 9 students run for Benalla College by the Beacon Foundation. The day focuses on career and work related topics and allows students to network with local employers with a view to raising student aspirations to remain engaged with learning through to Year 12 and beyond.

Capability Building Inc – Puppy Dog Tales 

Puppy Dog Tales is a literacy program built around the idea of children and young adolescents reading to dogs, promoting an enjoyable relaxing approach to reading aloud. Ten senior students from Edspace, supported by Ed Space and Dogs for Life staff, will be involved in the program.  They will work with the dogs to support early readers in schools and kindergartens as well as visiting residents in local Aged Care facilities. This project has many positive benefits for the Ed Space students as well as those they read to and will help improve student literacy levels and wellbeing.

Cooinda Village Inc. – Let’s Find Our Voice!

This project brings young FCJ secondary students together with our community elders to find their singing voices and capture the remarkable life stories of some of the Cooinda residents.  It fosters social connectedness, emotional and spiritual wellbeing through learning between young and old; culminating with a performance at BPACC.   The project has positive effects on student literacy and wellbeing and many psychological and health benefits for the elderly.

Living Culture Together – Living Curriculum 

Innovative new units of work for students in middle years classes are being developed by Living Culture Together working in partnership with Benalla P-12 College, Catholic Education, Winton Wetlands and Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation.

Focused on Winton Wetlands, the units examine environmental, cultural and social themes using the eight Aboriginal Ways of Learning.  This will help build awareness and understanding of Aboriginal perspectives and have educational and social benefits.

North East Artisans – The Door of Hope

Designed to foster a sense of belief in self and to help people develop marketable skills, this art skills development program is modelled on the Sydney City Mission Arts Program.

Professional artists will focus on teaching skills and techniques of form, dimension and perspective.  Workshops are free of charge and are open to young people, the elderly and those who are socially and economically disadvantaged.

Ride Avenue Pre-School Inc. – Expressing Our Diversity

Many Benalla children go on to study Indonesian after transitioning from kinder to school.  Ride Avenue Pre-School will hold a two day celebration of cultural diversity, featuring workshops with an Indonesian artist, preparation of simple Indonesian dishes and a final celebration with song, dance and food.  This will introduce children and their families to Indonesian culture and help prepare children for school.

Victorian YMCA Community Programming – Scoot, Skate, Activate

This youth leadership and participation program is based at Benalla’s Skate Park. Up to 10 local young people will receive training as coaches from qualified YMCA staff in Melbourne. The young people will become casual employees of YMCA, enabling them to deliver workshops in scooting and skating for Benalla children and youth.

The project includes a substantial volunteer component from a local parent who will also coordinate social Skate n BBQ events to encourage families with younger children aged 6 – 12 to participate.

Projects supported in 2015

Benalla Cultural Exchange – Living Culture Together

Provide cultural insight training for up to 30 local educators, community workers and community members to develop their understanding of local Aboriginal history, knowledge, traditions and culture.

Conduct a significant cross cultural celebration during Benalla festival to showcase the artworks, writings, and stories of the local community alongside a cultural program including contemporary Aboriginal music, dance, food, storytelling and cultural activities

Benalla P-12 College – Polish Program

One day workshop run by the Beacon Program in conjunction with Benalla P-12 College to support exploration of careers by Year 9 students. Interactive program focussing on mock interviews, work ethic, etiquette, employer expectations and other work related topics. Brings students together with local employers and business representatives.

Benalla Flexible Learning Centre – Healthy Body/ Healthy Minds

Benalla Flexible Learning Centre was established in January 2015 to cater for young people in Benalla aged 15 to 19 who are not currently engaged in education, training or work. The Centre offers support and mentoring to young people via individual learning plans tailored to their needs. The Centre currently has over 30 enrolments and three staff.

Many of the students have poor diet and hygiene regimes and do little or no exercise. Funding from the Education Benalla Program will enable the purchase of healthy food so that students can prepare nutritious breakfasts and lunches and a dishwasher to promote kitchen hygiene. It will also pay for activity sessions for students at the YMCA Aquatic centre including suitable clothing and swimwear for those experiencing financial difficulty.

Benalla Street Art – Youth Engagement Phase Street Art Workshop Series

Building on the success of the inaugural street art event Benalla Street Art Inc plan to engage well known street artists to run workshops for local youth. At the end of the workshops the young people will produce a specific street art wall at a site within Benalla and district.

Broken River Potters – Spare Elements for Kiln

Broken River Potters are very inclusive of our local community, holding workshops for participants from Yooralla, GROW, TTF’s Connect 9 mentoring program as well as their own members. They also volunteer their services at a number of community events. The group needs to maintain a full set of spare elements to ensure the operation of their kiln. This grant ensures the group can remain operational.

Cooinda Village Inc. – Let’s Find Our Voice!

To foster social connectedness and learning between young (FCJ students) and old (Cooinda residents) by the sharing of singing and storytelling. Culmination of the project will be a performance at BPACC.

Benalla Support Group for Children with Special Needs – Annual Christmas Celebration

Provide a Christmas event that will bring together families with children with special needs. Enables the families to relax in a pleasant and safe environment, forget about any difficulties during the year and reflect with each other on the highs and lows during the past year.

FCJ College – Connecting with the Winton Wetlands

Funds to continue the partnership between FCJ and Winton Wetlands Committee of Management where VCAL students assist with weed eradication, revegetation, the establishment of a bike path and other restorative work. Also undertake orientation tours of the Wetlands with Year 7 students who will also assist with planting trees.

FCJ College/ Benalla P-12 College joint project – Benalla Youth Mental Health Week

FCJ College and Benalla P-12 College will partner with local youth service providers in a week long campaign to increase community awareness around youth mental health issues. The 2015 campaign will feature a number of activities and events designed to highlight mental health issues and provide information about strategies, services and help available to young people in Benalla.

North East Artisans – Art of Youth

Provide a welcoming space to enable opportunities for young people to meet and be creative outside of school with workshops and provision of materials. The program will particularly focus on disengaged youth and young people at risk.

Ride Avenue Pre-School Inc. – Relax Read Watch Learn

Purchase a projector and screen to allow the presentation of the children’s art work, videos, photos etc. It could also be utilised by the wider community for workshops or information sessions. Purchase a new children’s lounge set as current one is in severe disrepair.

Winton Primary School – Little Winton Wonders Playgroup

Tomorrow:Today provided a grant in 2014 to help establish the Little Winton Wonders Playgroup at Winton Primary School. Since being established, the playgroup has grown in numbers. This funding will help to purchase more resources and equipment

Projects supported in 2014

Australian Christian College Hume Preschool

The grant will contribute to the purchase of specialised early childhood teaching and learning resources for a variety of children’s learning needs. These resources will enable children to develop skills necessary to face everyday challenges.

Benalla and District Pre-School Partnership

The grant will contribute to the purchase of large books so that children can all see the story when the teacher is reading. The large print and extra large pictures, contribute to children’s understanding of the story.

Benalla Scout Group

Canoeing and abseiling activities will continue to be offered to Benalla Scouts with the purchase of new equipment that meets Australian Safety Standards. The grant will enable the group to purchase small Personal Floatation Devices so that younger children can access canoeing activities. It will also fund the replacement of ageing abseiling equipment.

Benalla Support Group for Children with Special Needs

The grant will contribute to the costs of the annual International Day of People with Disabilities event, which is designed to bring together families with children with special needs in a relaxing pleasant & safe environment to reflect upon each other’s highs and lows. The event is attended by more than 150 families and provides an opportunity for families (especially working parents) to network and socialise.

 FCJ College

‘Get your hands dirty and wet!’ is a partnership between Winton Wetlands ‘Friends’, Board of Management and FCJ College. The grant will enable 23 VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) students to assist with revegetation at the wetlands; establish walking/bike tracks and board walks at the wetlands and act as guides for Year 7-11 classes visiting the wetlands.

Little Footprints Community Playgroup

Sturdy outdoor construction blocks and pretend play furniture which will encourage interaction and participation of the children will be purchased by this outdoor playgroup.

Ride Avenue Pre-School

A stove & cooking utensils will be purchased to help teach children about cooking & healthy eating. A worm farm, chickens & rabbits will also be purchased to enable children to interact with the animals and learn about food production, life cycles, recycling, caring for animals and the environment.

Rotary Club of Benalla

The walking track around Lake Benalla is a much loved community asset in the heart of town. The Rotary Club has recently worked with Benalla P-12 College Hands on Learning students and Benalla Rural City to install two exercise stations. The grant will enable Rotary to again work with the students to install a drinking fountain that can be utilised for both humans and canines on the Lake Benalla Walk.

Upper Murray Family Care – Out of Home Care Program

Many children in Benalla are in kinship care, for example grandparents caring for school age children. The grant will assist with group meeting costs and activities to support kinship carers in Benalla.

Winton Primary School

Play equipment and resources suitable for children from 0 – 5 years old will be purchased so that young families in the Winton area can establish a community playgroup in a space available at the school.