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Bernard Briggs Kindergarten in Benalla has kids building, learning about gravity and experimenting with magnets, thanks to new equipment, purchased with a grant from Tomorrow Today.

The Stepping Stones grant allowed the kindergarten to purchase new equipment that encourages students to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through play in their 3- and 4-year old programs.

Kindergarten director Lisa Mim said, ‘STEM is an important part of our children’s learning, and it seems that it will be a big part of their future, too. Some of the jobs that they will do after school don’t even exist yet. We see our role at the kindergarten as setting children up for success at school and supporting their natural curiosity.’

‘It has been really rewarding to watch how children use the new equipment and how their thinking and problem solving develops. The new materials are a really practical way of teaching science and maths, but also teaching how to collaborate and work with peers.’

Tomorrow Today’s Stepping Stones grants are available year-round, for projects where there is a special opportunity of real benefit to the Benalla community.  For more information, contact Executive Officer Rosie Koop on 5762 1211.