Tomorrow Today has special projects that help to develop a stronger, more resilient and prosperous rural community.

While our community grants are usually for smaller projects, the special longer-term projects often work on many levels at once in a bid to create systemic changes to educational, social and environmental challenges.

Our major project, the Education Benalla Program, is a cradle-to-career initiative that spans family, community and school life.

It is a long-term, whole-of-community program designed by Tomorrow Today to improve Benalla students’ educational outcomes. It is now in the sixth year of a 10-year program of action.

The Aboriginal Garden is a long-term community project to create a unique area, with the approval of Aboriginal Elders, for the benefit of all.

Local history plays an important part in a community’s identity.  The Garden provides an opportunity to raise local awareness and conversation about our area’s Aboriginal history and heritage.