Like all Tomorrow Today work, the Education Benalla Program encompasses two clear philosophies: ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and ‘all boats can rise on the tide’ in a caring, strong community.

It’s a well-researched, patient, highly strategic, long-term, whole-of-community approach to social change; the sum of many co-ordinated initiatives that connect with children and teenagers at critical points as they grow from cradle to career, along with their families.

By reaching the children and teenagers, they are having an impact on the whole family and they are hopefully also having an impact on the next generation.      

 Jill Nicholson,TTF Supporter

EBP Growth

In 2010 Education Benalla Program began with a 20-year goal to raise the education and training completion rates of Benalla’s 17-to-24 year olds to equal or above the Victorian average.

In 2013, it was named one of the Top 50 Australian Philanthropic Gifts of All Time. The award gave recognition to Tomorrow Today and its supporters and partners – Benalla and District families, all the Benalla schools, the public sector agencies (including local government), small and large community groups, businesses and philanthropic organisations.