Connect 9

Young people in our Connect9 program spend 10 weeks participating in activities that connect them to new hobbies, people, experiences and different sports, as well as set life and career goals.

Two Connect9 programs for up to 12 Year 9 students are run each year – one in Term 2 (April to June) and one in Term 3 (July to September). Connect9 is free but places are limited.

If you wish to participate in, or be a mentor for, Connect9 please contact Tomorrow Today on 03 5762 1211 or email the Student Wellbeing Coordinator, Cathy Hair,

Community Mentors

Each Connect9 student is matched with a community mentor, who will be their ‘buddy’ throughout the program. Community Mentors are local people who volunteer their time to make a positive difference in the lives of Benalla’s young people.

Mentors are given training, ongoing advice and support during Connect9. We assist them to obtain the Working with Children Checks that are a mandatory requirement for the program.

The Experience

‘When I did Connect 9, everything completely changed. Enjoying myself. Believing in myself. Working as teams so helped me. I used to hate school but now I love it. Tomorrow:Today actually picked me up and tossed me straight up in the air, and that’s when my grades skyrocketed’.

‘Allister’, a Year 9 student

‘We’ve had a wonderful time with all the (Year 9 mentees). I’ve seen them all grow, not just physically but emotionally and they have a strong bond now and to see their confidence grow is probably one of the best things.’


‘The community mentor is the absolute key to it.  To have an adult that the young people respect, that’s another voice that is not their parents, is not a teacher, is not their older sibling: it’s very powerful.’

Sue Oakley, Benalla P-12 College