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Participating in team building activities can help prepare young people for future work. Employees who have well developed personal skills, as well as the technical expertise to get the job done, are more attractive to employers. Team building activities can reveal strengths and leadership abilities that students have not yet explored. They also help to improve communication, trust and self-confidence.

Tomorrow Today engaged eighteen enthusiastic young people in fun, team building workshops during the first week of the July school holidays. The workshops were run in partnership with PGT – People Groups Teams, an Australian leader in running programs for young people. Paul Baker, PGT facilitator, lead the students through a variety of team challenges ranging from word puzzles to the cracking of riddles and whole team physical challenges.

Sally Matheson, Education Benalla Program Manager, was thrilled with the students’ response to the workshops’ activities. “The most popular exercise was the team skipping rope challenge.  This involved getting the whole team through the beating skipping rope and back again without the rope touching anyone or a beat being missed. This activity gave students the opportunity to develop their planning, problem solving, negotiation, and communication skills”, she said. “It was terrific to see students from five different Benalla and district schools come together and work so effectively.”

Most participants thought that the workshops helped develop their problem solving, cooperation and communication skills. One of the young people said, “Usually when I work in a group, I have trouble respecting other people when they share their opinions. I now know I can do this and will focus on listening in the future.” Several others noted that they plan to focus on encouraging others when working in a team and avoiding negative, unhelpful comments.

Tomorrow Today plans to offer more team building workshops for 11-16 year olds in the future. Please call 5762 1211 to find out more about Tomorrow Today’s Education Benalla Program.