Named Funds

Named Funds allow you to give ongoing support to a cause that you care about.

You can establish a Named Fund with a donation of $5,000 and an understanding that you will seek to build the Fund to a minimum of $20,000 over four years and continue to grow it over time.

Named Funds are management accounts within Tomorrow Today Foundation that allow donations and grants for a particular donor or cause to be tracked.

They also let you to put a name to your giving.  You may want the fund to be named after yourself, a family member, a friend, a company or anything that is personal to you.  Or you can choose for it to be anonymous.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Named Funds, download the information below or contact us.

Gifts in Memory

Making a donation to Tomorrow Today Foundation is a special way of honouring the memory of a loved one who has passed away.

Families can choose to support the Foundation by requesting that donations be sent in lieu of flowers. Your funeral director can organise this.

Families or friends may like to fund an annual grant or establish a Named Fund as a way to remember a loved one and at the same time support charitable projects in Benalla district.


A bequest to Tomorrow Today Foundation helps provide a significant legacy for future generations in Benalla district by ensuring that grants and programs to strengthen the community continue for years to come.

A bequest is a gift in your Will.  After you have provided for family and friends through your Will you may like to leave a gift to Tomorrow Today Foundation for its general purposes, the Community Fund or for a particular program or activity.

Further information on making a bequest and the areas your legacy can support is contained in the brochure below.  This brochure will provide your solicitor with the information they need when they draw up your legal will.